What you need to know about attending


For attendees to gain a better understanding of a topic that is related to testing that they are interested in. Attendees can study alone or within groups.

Attendees will propose their topic to the rest of the group on the first day via a 1-5 minute introduction to the topic. At this point, attendees can request that other members join them to study their topic. At this point, the attendee will also specify the output that they would like to achieve. Each topic will have a clear output.

There will also be structured times where people can experiment with workshops that they have been working on to gain feedback from others. We would like this to be a safe place where people can receive feedback for their work that they would like to submit to conferences etc.


As attendees will be giving a week of their life to further the testing community, we will endevour to keep the trip as cheap as possible. Currently the trip is £420 per person. However, we are looking for sponsors to make this cheaper, as people will be paying for travel to attend. This is a DIY conference, we will not be making money off this, therefore the costs are purely to pay for the venue, food etc. If you know a company that would be interested in sponsoring, please direct them to the Sponsor Us page and can you always speak to Elizabeth Zagroba or Gwen Diagram if you have more questions. If you would like to see how we are calculating costs, please have a look at Sponsor Us which has a breakdown.


You will be choosing the topics so have a think about what you would like to study in advance. Some assistance in how you can determine a suitable topic is below.

Example of topics

Observability of asynchronous systems

Personas in exploratory testing

Example of unacceptable topics

A study on why cats purr (this has nothing to do with testing and will not help the testing community in testing)

Example of a topic that is the right size

Exploratory testing (too big)

Personas in exploratory testing (Goldilocks, just right)

Using personas in end to end testing (too small and specific, this could be completed in a day)

Output types

  • Blog post
  • Video
  • Training course
  • Workshop 
  • Conference submission
  • Book chapter(s)
  • Presentation (talk)
  • Webinar
  • White paper
  • Website

What we need from you ahead of time

  • Ideas for forced fun
  • If you want to present a workshop or a talk for feedback
  • Any other ideas for sessions that you would like to run
  • Dietary requirements
  • If you aren’t available for the whole time, when you are arriving/leaving
  • Any concerns
  • Share the study week with your friends ahead of time

I want to come!

Registration isn't open yet, but give us your name and your email here and we'll let you know when it is.